Today we will talk about how the feed is formed on Instagram, and what you need to make so your publication becomes the first.

1. Interests – usually the first in the feed users can see types of content that they are constantly interested in and interact more often.
Adjust to the preferences of your followers – publish what’s interesting to them.

2. Favorite accounts – firstly in the feed, there appear publications of those accounts with which the follower regularly contacts, whom he reads and watches.
Try to be more interesting for your followers, stimulate them to like and comment on your posts more often – then the first place in their feed is guaranteed to you.

3. User search history – if the user regularly searches for profiles of a certain topic – it shows that he is interested in such posts, but does not see them in his feed. In this case, Instagram starts to show posts with searching content more often than others.

4. Popularity of the account – pages that have thousands of followers and a lot of likes under publications, are much more likely to appear in the feed first.

5. Involvement of the audience – the more likes and comments your publication gets in the first few minutes – the more likely that the post will appear at the beginning of the news feed.

We hope that our tips will help you make publications more popular. Good luck in the promotion!