You carefully created a strategy for promotion on YouTube, but still not satisfied with the results? It can be fixed! Perhaps you made mistakes that only cool specialists know about.

Read them all to make your channel better and don’t repeat mistakes of SMM-specialists!

Mistakes of SMM-specialists:

1. Do not pay attention to details

YouTube is the largest video hosting in the world. And as for any other social network or blog – it is necessary to optimize the content for it. Here is just a small part of instruments which can be used for the greatest success of your video:

– Hashtags
– Intriguing title or clickbait
– Preview or cover
– The description under the video
– Links under the video
– Time codes in the description to highlight the most interesting parts
– Annotations

and much more

2. To focus on virality

It is considered that viral content is a priority in creating a video. This, of course, is true, but not every video has a chance to become viral.

You should not always try to get into trends and create a video only on the wave of hype. Instead, it is better to give the audience more useful and necessary content. Your subscribers will appreciate if their feed contains something interesting and useful, and not just a discussion of hype topics.

3. Do not pay attention to quality

Some bloggers and companies try to promote with no quality, but quantity. This approach can negatively affect the success of the entire channel.

Your subscribers will definitely prefer higher quality content – with well-recorded sound, high-quality video series, and meaningful text. Therefore, it is worthwhile to devote a little more time and budget to create a high-quality video – this will help you stand out from the competitors.

4. Do not fight for the attention of the audience

If the user has opened your video – this does not mean that his attention is fully yours. In fact, many users are ready at any second to switch from your content to the content of competitors.

Therefore, it is especially important to interest and intrigue the user in the first seconds of the video. This will help keep their attention.

Annotation at the end of the video with the transition to alternative videos will also help a lot.

5. Promotion on social networks without a plan and calculation

One of the most serious mistakes is to act extremely intuitively as the channel evolves. YouTube has a very powerful tool for collecting statistics on your video – use it.

Study your audience, its behavior, which videos were the best and why. Carefully follow the budget allocated for promotion on social networks, try to optimize it, based on your experience. 

P.S. To let the grass grow under one’s feet and get the proper promotion on social networks

One of the most common mistakes is the belief that after posting a video, your content will be immediately found and viewed by YouTube users. In fact, this is not true – any video requires some investment in the promotion on social networks before becoming really popular.

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