Recently, social media experts have increasingly noted that the role of the individual in the formation of high-quality, interesting and catchy content has increased. That is why the creation of a personal brand on Instagram or YouTube can significantly affect your promotion in social networks and help to stand out among competitors.

Today we will tell you the main secrets of creating a personal brand in social networks.

Social network selection. Personal brand on Instagram, Youtube or other social media?

Despite the fact that this seems obvious, it would be foolish not to mention this stage.

In fact, this stage is crucial, because at this moment you should think about what exactly you will be communicating with followers, what content you will create, how you will promote it and how much time you will spend on it.

And the main task is to determine in which social network you can find people who will be interested in your content and personality – your experience, history, events, which you can tell about and much more.

Image creation

The most important advice you can get on that stage is trying to be yourself. First of all, a personal brand must be alive and honest, it’s the only way to find people who are really interested in your brand.

However, the right image is absolutely necessary and it will depend on what you are going to talk about. Eccentric or calm, successful or experienced – all your publications should be created and promoted in the same manner, only in that case you will be recognized as a brand.

Creating personal brand using a content plan

It is necessary to make a content plan: this is a plan about what and how often you are going to make publications. This will help determine in advance the entire model of your future creating a personal brand.

You can also think in advance about the rubrics that you will be leading -your own unique rubrics will become what your followers will be most expect.

Also, do not forget to focus on the preferences of your target audience.


Now you can safely make the first publication and fill your account with content. But do it thoughtfully – you need to test the audience response to your content.

And for this, you first need to start advertising. Do not limit your imagination in this matter – the more interesting, catchy and memorable publications you advertise, the more accurately you will be able to determine your target audience and prepare all future content for them.

And will be the best assistant in promoting your advertising publications!