What new social networks users like in 2020?

Many beginning and professional bloggers, large and small companies sometimes ask themselves such questions:

How quickly find a niche and audience in social networks? How to get into the SMM trends 2020? Predict what will be popular?

After analyzing the past year and our own experience, we have created a list of possible SMM trends 2020 and today we will share it with you!

All SMM trends 2020


The trend of past years – personalization in social networks continues to gain. As the real experience of large and small blogs shows, it’s interesting for everyone to look behind the “screen” and see that there is also a living person on the other side of it.

Use this, show users that you are not just the owner of the page on social networks. So you can create an emotional connection with subscribers and increase their trust in you and the brand.

Share your life story with them, tell about your usual day or an incredible event that changed everything.

Information noise

Despite the fact that many users like to be online and view content 24 \ 7, the problem of information noise has recently been growing, due to which users do not have any connection with the content just viewed. Simply, a modern user is lost in a whole bunch of information that he gets every day.

Therefore, we recommend striving to stand out in your environment. Epatage, stable feedback with all subscribers, constant interactive, provocative publications and clickbait – this and much more will help you to become memorable.

Direct communication

More and more new social networks users appreciate when the owner of an account or channel communicates with subscribers directly.

It can be answers to comments, communication via stream, story or just correspondence in a personal.

Give your followers a little care, you deserve their unconditional love for a very long time.

Interactive content

Want to engage users in your content? Create interactive for them. Riddle, voting, puzzle, challenge, competition.

Add to this prizes (not necessarily material) and a timer, and you can easily get a very viral publication.


Or long text publications again become the object of attention among users. The good thoughtful text will help increase the interest of followers to your content. It can be just thoughts out loud, life story or informational publication.

The main thing, remember that you should not use longreads all the time, it is enough to do them periodically and study the response.

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