We present to your attention a completely new tool from Top4Smm, which will help you to monitor the statistics of your videos in real-time, and will also give you unique recommendations on promoting, maintaining the position of your videos and improving your marketing strategy.

You can find this tool by going to your profile on our website in the “Tools” section:

Which statistics will be monitored?

You will receive information about changes in your statistics for

– Likes
– Views
– Dislikes
– Comments
– Subscribers

Moreover, these statistics will be updated every 2 hours, so you will receive a report and graphs in real-time with maximum accuracy


Which recommendations will appear?

Recommendations will be related to:

– The current status of your statistics
– Activity under your video
– Suspicious activity under your videos
and many others

These recommendations will be based on an automatic analysis of statistics under your video. All recommendations are based on the many years of experience of our team.



This tool can be useful for experienced YouTube users and beginners. Thanks to the information received, you can not only easily track user activity under your video in real-time, but also adjust the marketing strategy if necessary