Since many of our customers asking how to rank a video after all new updates of YouTube – we decided to collect all information in one place and share with you 100% working methods. All you need – just follow a couple of easy steps.

In 1 pictures, today we talk on how to get this:

Never forget about optimization.

I know that it’s the most boring process but at the same time one of the most important. Firstly you need to choose one main keyword. In our case, it was – “best clothes shops“.
You have to use this keyword at least once in title, description, first 3 tags. So it should look this way:

After we typed in our main keyword we need to find related keywords. There are many ways to do it but we recommend our customers to use youtube itself. It guarantees that results will be accurate and the keywords we rank will generate some traffic for us.
All we need is type keyword in search and youtube will advise us what else people searching related to our topic. You can play with this typing thing like: “clothes” “cloth shop” “shopping-clothes”. And each time YouTube will show you the most popular related keywords:

All you need now – collecting these related keywords and using them in your tags section. Please use a minimum of 10 keywords.
Now, after optimization is done, let’s move to rank methods itself.

Method #1. Shares boost.

In our case study, we will use the help of Top4smm services. You don’t need necessarily buying it from top4smm. You can choose any provider you find more comfortable. Top4smm is just an example.

Actually the method is pretty simple. In 2019 the main factor which youtube takes into account while giving a rank to videos is – shares. What is the share? Share is a repost of your video in any other social network – google, facebook, Instagram and so on. The more shares – the bigger the rank!
Exactly because of this reason you may see some videos are ranked better than others even while they have more views:

So all we do now – buying shares. But never buy only shares and never make your video get more shares than views! It looks for youtube unnatural and instantly derank your video. A good proportion is 50 to 1. We create an account on top4smm and placing an order:

This website will auto select for you a needed number of shares and likes according to the number of views. Shares from top4smm will go to all social media websites randomly. So it will look natural for Google.
After the order is placed we just need to rest and look at the numbers growing.

If you want to order services from Top4smm as we did. Please follows this link. There are always free services available for new users:

How to find out how many views/shares I need?
A most common and very good question. It depends on your niche. If you have many huge competitors – you need many views. Normally it’s good to try with 5000 views only, no more (shares and likes according to proportion). In 24 hours you will see the result. If the result is ranking #1 – 5.000 is more then good for you. If the result is ranking #25 – it means you just need more views and shares. After a couple of tries – you will find out how many views exactly needed for your niche.

Important moments:
– Never buy more shares than views;
– Remember, only the first 24 hours of your video matter for ranking. If you got 0 shares in the first 24 hours or you got a small number of views – this video will never be ranked! You need to create a new one;
– Check your provider before ordering. You need to take care of: starting time and guarantee. The faster your views and shares start – the better it is for ranking.

Method #2. Unlisted method.

Many old school customers know this method and many people think it’s already dead- but it’s not true. The unlisted method is up and working fine as of November 2019.

This is what you do:
1. Upload the video in unlisted mode (you must set it BEFORE you upload) the video should not be public NOT even for a second!
2. Add the affiliate link in the description, now the high search volume term you choose to target put as the title of the video and inside the description (below the link) also addit in the tags as a single tag
3. Start the fast traffic (~20K-30K per 24 hours) it’s shouldn’t cost much now
(note: do not use mobile botted views, order only from trusted providers)
4. After 48 hours (or 50K) go to youtube and change the video status from UNLISTED to PUBLIC, and hold on….

This is an OLD Method, it’s not a “TRICK” this is how youtube determine if a new video gained traction fast over the network, the NEW video effect is on, for youtube all the traffic got to the video “at once” at the same exact moment you switched the video to public, it may stay there for a while it may move up it may drop down, i can’t really know what youtube decide over it and how they are going to index it.

Method #3. On the way

We will constantly update this article so you can bookmark it. As soon as some methods die and new methods appear – we will you know on this page. For now, we are 100% sure about these 2 methods, you can actually combine them together.

Last edit was 17.11.2019