What is Ranking on Youtube?

To begin with, we will understand what ranking is. 

Ranking on Youtube is the process of moving a video in a  social network search system. In fact – the higher the rank of the video in the system is, the more users will see it. That is, ranking is important because it could answer on question how to get on top on YouTube!

And so we want to share our experience with you and talk about the main factors affecting the ranking on Youtube.
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How to get on top on Youtube


Obviously, views are one of the main factors that influence ranking on Youtube. Although views right now affect the rank a little less than a few years ago, they still occupy a key position.
The faster and in more quantity you will receive views,  the faster your rank will grow – everything is simple and logical here.
It’s also worth noting that YouTube’s algorithms work a little more complicated – for example, they take into account whether users are reviewing your video, the dynamics of the viewing speed on your video and much more. 


Reposts have long established themselves as one of the most effective ways to promote YouTube videos. In addition to the fact that more users will watch your video on reposts, an excellent ranking on YouTube by the number of reposts will also be a nice bonus.


Perhaps at the moment – this is the main factor affecting the ranking on Youtube. Retention is the time the viewer spends watching your video. The higher the retention is, the faster the video raises its rank. That’s one of the answers on the question of how to get on top on youtube.

Factors that less affect ranking on Youtube:

– Comments. Our personal experience shows that comments affect the ranking on Youtube, although not as much as some other factors.

– The length of the video. Video length is directly related to good ranking: 

  • The longer the video,  the more retention there can be on it if the content is high-quality.
  • The system prefers longer clips, as they help to keep users in the service.

The main thing is to find a “middle”, as the video should not be too long for the viewer. If you can keep subscribers for an hour – go for it!

– Likes. YouTube responds to likes as an important ranking factor. Likes are an indication that the public likes the video, which is why  YouTube is starting to promote the video in ranking system.

PS. The ranking on YouTube is affected not only by likes but also by dislikes. There shouldn’t be many of them, but without them, YouTube will perceive the activity under your video as unnatural. 

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