IGTV – what does it mean and how does it work on Instagram TV?

Not so long ago, a new feature appeared on Instagram – Instagram TV.
Today we will tell you what it is and how it can be used.

But first, some statistics on why this new feature appeared at all:

That is how much the percentage of video content consumption on Instagram over the past year has grown.

Instagram TV is a new application from Instagram that allows you to upload videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length, which will be fully synchronized with your Instagram profile. In fact, this is a kind of analog of Stories.

Useful or not?


  • IGTV video can be uploaded directly from the phone – such a format is close to live broadcasts. You’ve made it and immediately load it.
  • There are no generally accepted templates for creating content – so you can experiment.
  • The new vertical video format may seem uncomfortable, but it may well become a new branch in the development of social networks.
  • Active clickable links can be inserted into IGTV – use for advertising.
  • In Instagram TV videos, you can use effects and stickers, like in storytelling.


  • For each Instagram profile, you can create only one channel on Instagram TV – therefore, it is better to conduct experiments not on the main profile.
  • You can edit the name and description only through the computer – most likely this will be fixed with time.
  • The Instagram TV platform is still new and there is still very little of IGTV content on it.

So is it worth paying attention to?


IGTV was created in the first place in order to save Instagram from a complex ranking system including IGTV views. Now a user who has a circle of his subscriptions, most likely, will never go beyond it – he will watch what he is used to watching.

And, apparently, IGTV is needed in order to pull the user out of this vacuum.
This is solved very simply – with a new system for ranking videos, which, first of all, are based on recommendations and the popular one with a lot of IGTV views under it.

Thus, IGTV looks quite perspective, and we highly recommend trying. Who knows, maybe that’s the future.

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